You've come to find out about me, so I daren't is my manifesto. TL;DR—but ya know, you can.

Me: I am a designer with a huge passion for all things that inspire. I could find inspo and humor in a piece of poop on the sidewalk that looks like a Monet—or something similar. I hope you could too, cuz if you can't see levity in feces, what is even life? If I haven't put you off yet with my early dissertation of poop-talk, you've reached level 100! Back to me, Bob: I'm a dabbler—I dabble in interior decorating, event planning and fashion/lifestyle-related things. I'm a relative unknown taste-maker, but I pat myself on the back for trying.

Me still: I was born and raised in San Francisco and lived there for most of my life—but as is the life of a mere peasant, I was squeezed out of house and home and so hoped to start life anew and move somewhere that was still humble—enter Portland, which is luckily still humble. I'm not sulking, "Life is like a box of chocolates," (F. Gump) and I'm ok with that. I'm really a laid-back sort of thing; I'm weird, but I think the good kind of weird—the kind that stands out but also blends in like the Predator—the kind of weird you need. I kind of love the whole art of macabre thing, you know—taxidermy, haunted dolls and black stuff. I really, really love run-on sentences, and yet I was told by different folks that I have a knack for copy. I love art and books and have curated quite a collection of my own that I'm quite proud of (but makes my boyfriend weary); and hoarding, and the art of hoarding—but I like to call myself a maximalist. I also love music immensely. On my "down time", I can be found pounding away on the piano to the tunes of Chopin to the likes of Muse or making homemade videos of myself singing cheesy karaoke. I also have that neat trick with Asian genes (or vampire?? a secret I take to the grave—every dawn), in that I pass for a younglin'—and I'll just leave it at that. Mystery! Intrigue!

School of learning: I have a piece of paper covered in holographic and fuzzy stickers that says I completed a 4-year education in Graphic Design. I might've gifted it to a hobo whom I thought might brighten up their day, or it might be on the mantle of some distant uncle or aunt. It was through school, that this tempestuous and rapturous love affair with art further blossomed into a thing that would further conquer my lifeblood. And I never looked back.

Experience: I've been around the beat—done the freelance, worked at tech companies, startups, and big corpo doing in-house design. I know all about that charm and compromise to get those business partners on your side. I can clap my hands and dance the dance. I know the life of break-neck design deadlines with not-so-great [read: ugly] briefs. I know about the tears when someone at the final hour (I suspect the janitor), wants to change the ever-lovin' concept AFTER the final design has been submitted. I KNOW. I KNOW. I know the shoot-me-in-the-brains hectic-ness of the heinous thing that is Q4, and yet, I'm still not jaded. I am a sane duck that paddles furiously beneath the water's surface. COME AT ME, BRO. I love design. MOOD BOARDS, I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF YOU! DO YOU UNDERSTAND??   ಥ_ಥ

Epilogue: With that said, you can buzz about the works I've done. This is me in a nutshell. If you read through all that, kudos, you should get to know me more. And probably hire me. No—definitely hire me. I'm super reliable and trustworthy and I deliver so fast (without compromising integrity or quality). Ask somebody. And cats.