Salutations! You've come to find out about me, so I daren't disappoint. This is my manifesto. TL;DR—but ya know, ya can.

Me: I am a designer with a huge passion for all things that inspire. I'm very much a dabbler—I dabble in interior decorating/consulting, event planning, fashion, calligraphy, baking...a jack-of-all-trades as the cliché goes. I appreciate all forms of design because I am so fascinated with the myriad ways there are to express yourself. And in the span of a moment, you can convey all these ideas and stories to your audience and be able to potentially connect deeply with someone else, at a time when there is so much need for people to connect in this day and age. I think that's so magical, and I still very much believe in magic. I'm not ashamed to admit, that I am a sap and a hopeless romantic!

Me still: I was born and raised in San Francisco and lived there for most of my life. And the burgeoning question that always follows—why did you move? I know it sounds like hyperbole, but I swear it is true: only millionaires can afford to live there—anyone who isn't one and still lives there, is in denial. And since a millionaire I am not, I hoped to start life anew with my little family, and move somewhere that was still humble and still West Coasty and family-friendly—enter Portland (P.S. I love it here and it's gorgeous). I'm really a laid-back sort of thing; I'm weird, but I think the good kind of weird—the kind that stands out but also blends in like the Predator—the kind of weird you need and maybe perhaps didn't know you needed. I kind of love the whole art of macabre thing, you know—haunted dolls, paranormal movies/series/podcasts, exorcisms... I love art and books and have curated quite a collection of my own that I'm quite proud of; and hoarding, and the art of hoarding—but I like to call myself a maximalist. I also love music immensely. On my "down time", I can be found pounding away on the piano to the tunes of Chopin to the likes of Muse or constantly and meticulously digging for new music.

School of learning: I have a totally legit piece of paper covered in holographic and fuzzy stickers that says I have a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design. It was through school, that this tempestuous and rapturous love affair with art further blossomed into a thing that would conquer my lifeblood and consume my soul. And I never looked back.

Experience: I've been around the beat—worked my way up, done the freelance, worked at tech companies, startups, and big corpo, doing in-house design and juggling a zillion projects at once (that I sometimes ask for... I may be a bit of a masochist; but I'm really good with project management, which, made no one question my ability to handle it or whether I'd miss a deadline). I know all about that charm and compromise and flexibility to get those business partners/stakeholders on your side. I know the life of break-neck design deadlines with not-so-great [read: ugly and ambiguous] briefs. I know about the [metaphorical] tears when someone at the final hour (I suspect the VP's Great-Aunt second-removed, wanted some input on the matter), wants to change the ever-lovin' concept AFTER the final design has been submitted. I KNOW. I am well-versed with the shoot-me-in-the-brains hectic-ness of the heinous thing that is Q4, and yet, I'm still not jaded and count myself fortunate to have been a part of some really amazing projects. I am that sane-looking duck that's super calm and collected, but paddles furiously beneath the water's surface. I love design. MOOD BOARDS? CAN'T.GET.ENOUGH. ಥ_ಥ

Epilogue: This is me in a nutshell. If you read through all that, kudos, you should get to know me more. And probably hire me. No—definitely hire me. I'm super reliable and trustworthy and I ship so, so fast (without compromising integrity). Also, I get along famously with everyone, even the ones that are seemingly difficult. Because I am a people person once you get to know me.